David Johnson

Penrose House, Redcross Village, Co. Wicklow

David Johnson farms 280 acres near the picturesque village of Redcross, Co. Wicklow. Of the total holding, 60 acres are rented and all are under grass.

David operates a suckler-to-beef system based on 100 suckler cows. Predominately Charolais and Limousin crosses, they are bred to two Charolais bulls with a third Limousin bull used to ensure easier calving for the replacement heifers. David also avails of an AI Charolais bull. Over 50 per cent of all the farm’s cattle slaughtered achieve a U grade or better. Autumn-born male calves are finished as steers at 20-22 months while those autumn-born heifers not kept for replacements are finished at 19 months. Spring-born male calves are finished as steers at 24 months and the spring born heifers not kept as replacements are finished at 15-16 months.